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What Ranveer thinks about the Priyanka-Deepika dance!

Ranveer Singh

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

The entire country is just waiting to see the two divas of Bollywood – Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone – do that dance off together!

But guess who else is super excited to see them share the screen? None other than Dippy’s boyfriend and Peecee’s on-screen bro, AND the main lead of Bajirai Mastani: Ranveer Singh!

Oh yes! As the three come together for the much awaited film, Ranveer shares a few things with us.

“When Mr Bhansali first mentioned the concept of shooting a combined dance number with Priyanka and Deepika, I was most excited because they are two of the most accomplished dancers that we have in contemporary times. It would be magic to see them on screen together. Mr Bhansali spent weeks setting up the complex choreography of the song along with Remo D’Souza who wanted to display his best work till date on the epic Bhansali canvas. When I saw the song in the edit room, my jaw dropped to the floor. Such perfection in synchronised dance is unprecedented. Credit especially to the two ladies who put in their best efforts into making the song visually and emotionally brilliant.”

Well, not like we weren’t excited and eager already, this just makes it more tough to wait for this epic dance!