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Ranveer's had enough!


Mumbai, July 1 -- From link-ups with their co-stars, to professional rivalries being played out in the media, Bollywood stars rarely escape the eye of tabloid publicity.

And even though most of them are well aware of the perils of stardom and take measures to keep certain aspects of their lives private, others enjoy the spotlight.

Ranveer Singh is among the latter, often photographed dancing merrily at events and parties, but even he feels the stress of making the headlines too often. "I think I get written about a lot. I just go about my life normally and it's always flashed out in the tabloids. For me, even that's too much," says the 28-year-old actor, adding, "And yes, I don't see the need to be everywhere all the time."

Ask him how he deals with all this publicity and he says, "I try and rid my mind of these thoughts. I remind myself that there are some things that form the core of what I do and the rest is just frills. So I try and focus on my films and roles. It is a constant battle but I am getting better at it."

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