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Ranveer Singh: 'I'm the best player'

Ranveer Singh

Mumbai, Feb. 28 -- There are many football lovers in Bollywood. And ardent fans, such as Abhishek Bachchan, who supports the English club Chelsea, do not hesitate in declaring their loyalty. And now, Ranveer Singh has joined this club.

The actor, who supports Arsenal, says he loves playing football on a video game console.    
When asked what he does in his free time, Ranveer says, "Watch movies and play (video game) football. I can play it for hours. You could say that I am the best FIFA player in the Hindi film industry. I'll openly challenge anyone who plays it to take me on."    

The sport is also a factor in the growing friendship between him and Arjun. When asked what the duo bonds over, Ranveer says, "Hindi movies and the Hindi film industry are something we're both obsessed with. And of course, there's football. He's a Chelsea fan, though." He adds that this club loyalty is probably the only thing they argue or disagree about.    

Ranveer doesn't shy away from declaring his affection for Arjun. "I love the guy. I'm in touch with him on a daily basis and I know where he is all the time," says Ranveer, when asked about his friend. He adds, "Arjun's a gem of a guy. He's warm, intelligent and funny. What I love the most about him is his sense of humour. We have so much in common that we never get bored of each other," he adds.