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Ranveer: I'm learning to multitask..


Mumbai, March 25 -- Ranveer Singh, who recently won the Hindustan Times' Most Stylish Actor award, has often expressed his love and admiration for Amitabh Bachchan.

In fact, at a recently held awards ceremony, he paid a 15-minute tribute to the superstar. Even when he is asked about who he idolises in the film industry, the actor promptly says it's Big B.

"He has this verve about him, and this incredible energy. I have observed him at work, and I have been to a couple of television shows that he has hosted. He's absolutely clinical in the way he goes about his work," says Ranveer, adding, "He walks briskly, and he's got this presence and aura. At the same time, he's very responsive to people. He's one of the greatest superstars of all time, and he's very kind and warm. That, I think, is what I admire the most about him."

With Bajirao Mastani (BM; 2015), Ranveer has become a name to reckon with in the Hindi film industry. The star, too, admits that the movie has been a game changer for him.

"I can safely say that BM has changed my life. It's one of those turning points. When I first heard the script, I realised the scope of the character, and the scale of the film, all too well. I felt like, 'Man, the platform I am being given here is really great, and I should make the most of it'," says Ranveer.

He adds, "BM is really one of those rare films that captured the imagination of the masses and the classes; it got the numbers and the critical appreciation. It also swept the awards shows. So, it is a success at every level. With that [success], comes more responsibility. My workload has quadrupled."

Today, Ranveer feels that life has completely changed for him. "Without exaggeration, my days have become longer and my sleep hours have reduced. Multitasking is something I was never good at, but I am learning to multitask now, and cope with this new pace of life. But, all said and done, I am not complaining. I'm really enjoying everything I'm doing," says the Bollywood actor.