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Ranveer: I have a lot of respect for Karan..

Ranveer Singh


Mumbai, Sept. 30 -- Recently, Karan Johar's apparent discontentment with Ranveer Singh over the latter choosing Sanjay Leela Bhansali's period film over his forthcoming ambitious project, kept rumour mills buzzing. But in an interview, here, Ranveer clarifies that there is no truth in what is being reported and all's well between him and the film-maker.

It seems that all isn't well between Karan and you since you chose Bhansali's film over his.

I chose Mr Bhansali's film, no doubt about it. But I can't comment on the films I'm not doing. I can, however, comment about Karan, and my experience with him.

Tell us about your equation with him.

He's a superb guy. He's an actor, dancer and director; he's a producer with a creative mind, and he has a writer's mind. So, I think he's a wholesome entertainer. I'm really looking forward to his next as an actor. Other than that, he really cracks me up every single time I meet him. He meets me very warmly. I have always wanted to work with his production house because it is one of the (country's) premier production houses.

Do you see that happening anytime soon?

I hope so. I hope that opportunity comes soon because they put out some of the best movies. Also, I have great regards and a lot of respect for him (Karan).

Bhansali recently said that you'll be a superstar in the years to come.Your thoughts on this?

That's good for me. More than any award, when a director like Mr Bhansali says something like that, when veterans like Govinda ji, Shah Rukh (Khan) sir, Bachchan (Amitabh Bachchan) sahab and Anil Kapoor say the things they have said about me... these are my achievements. I can't tell you the kind of pride I feel when I read what these guys have said about me. For me, I grew up watching them perform, and thinking, 'This is what I want to do with my life'. When my work gets recognised by my idols, it's a big deal for me. It's an indescribable feeling.