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Kill Dil totally misses the kill, nets only Rs. 7.25 crore..

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Shaad Ali's Ranveer Singh-Govinda starrer hasn't really set the box office on fire as expected.

With a lukewarm response from the critics, the film collected only Rs. 7.25 crore on the domestic ticket windows.

Trade analysts aver that since the film couldn't cash-in on its pre-release hype, the collections are likely to be even more depressive over the weekend.

The film was touted as Govinda's grand comeback venture, but the lukewarm response from the audience would be a definite cause for concern for him.

Even the presence of three other big stars -- Ranveer Singh, Parineeti Chopra and Ali Zafar -- couldn't ensure a thumping opening day collections for Kill Dil.