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Costume designer Ranveer Singh?

Ranveer Singh


Mumbai, Nov. 5 -- Depending on his character in a film, Ranveer Singh listens to various genres of music to get into the right mood when he goes on set. But for his upcoming film with Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the actor is taking a special interest not only in his role, but in his costumes too.

Since he plays a Maratha warrior from the 1700s, he will be seen dressed mostly in dhotis and angarakhas. He has been travelling to different Maharashtrian cities with Anju Modi, the costume designer of the film. A source tells us that he loves his look in the film, and has been readily sharing his inputs with Modi.

When contacted, Modi confirmed the story. "Ranveer has been going wild checking out the turbans, dhotis and angarakhas. He tries out what we select and then tells us what he is comfortable in, as many of his outfits are being stitched in Delhi and Pune. We've been to Pune and we will be going to Nasik soon for the second round," he said.

The designer revealed that it was Ranveer who decided that he wanted to accompany her on the sourcing trips. "This is also his way of getting a feel of the character, and learning more about the history of the person he is playing," said Modi.