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The Bollywood game chasers!

Ranveer Singh

New Delhi, March 1 -- You aren't the only one addicted to crushing candies and scoring goals on your smartphone - the big Bollywood guys are just as game-struck. When actor Alia Bhatt and director Imtiaz Ali visited the HT City office recently, Imtiaz said Alia's stuck on Candy Crush Saga these days.    

The boys, too, can't do without their clicks. As actor Ranveer Singh openly challenges anyone to beat him at a virtual FIFA game, we think actor Shah Rukh Khan may be a good contender given his fondness for it.

Khan, who's also a fan of Arkham Origins that's based on Batman, B had invited veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan for a game of football to his place. "Sir, take out time... let's do a little FIFA ... I am also tired of being beaten at all games by kids since last few days (sic)," he had tweeted.

And, guess who taught Sr Bachchan the tricks? His bachcha, Abhishek. "Spent last night teaching @SrBachchan how to play FIFA14 on the PS. Must say, the Bachchan duo are not bad!" he had said a few months ago.    

Self-confessed electronic game freak Ranbir Kapoor, too, loves e-football and Candy Crush Saga. Khiladi Akshay Kumar, who digs Gear of Wars and marshal arts-based electronic games, is not far behind either. His gaming partner - his 11-year-son, Aarav.