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Believe it or not: Bebo-Shahid friends again, Ranveer can't stand Virat!

Ranveer Singh

Former lovebirds Shahid and Kareena have buried the hatchet and acknowledged each other's presence at IIFA. Ranveer Singh, however, is not able to forget his past completely. Check out the latest rumours doing the rounds in tinselvilla.

1. Bebo finally says hi to ex-beau Shahid
The negative vibe between former lovers Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor was apparent everytime the couple crossed each other's paths. But looks like, their bitterness is a thing of past now. Kareena and Saif came onstage to present an award, while Shahid was co-anchoring the event. Bebo not only greeted ex-beau Shahid Kapoor, but also praised his anchoring skills. Shahid also said a polite hi to Bebo. Once the couple left the stage, Shahid apparently was quoted as saying - "Did she say 'hi' to me?'".

2.Emraan Hashmi stalked
A woman, apparently mentally unstable, turned up at Emraan Hashmi's Mumbai residence and insisted on meeting the actor. The drama reportedly lasted for over 20 minutes, after which the building's guards intervened. Emraan was away shooting for Mr X in Cape Town. The actor's wife was also not present when the incident happened. Emraan is now planning to lodge an FIR against the woman.

3.Sunny Leone's strip dance at a private party?
Social media was abuzz with the news recently that adult film star and Bollywood actor Sunny Leone reportedly did a strip show at a private party. A Mumbai tabloid reported that Sunny did the striptease for a party hosted at a venue on the Mumbai-Pune highway. The actor's naked picture went viral online post that. The tabloid further reported that Sunny, 32, charged Rs. 40 lakh for the show. According to Leone's parter Daniel Webber, the said pic was from the her past and was posted apparently by a crazy fan.

4.All's not well between Ranveer, Virat
When actor Ranveer Singh introduced cricketer Virat Kohli to his then 'close friend', actor Anushka Sharma, he may not have guessed that the two would end up dating. And now, "things are strained between the two men," a source was quoted as telling a tabloid, adding: "Ranveer and Anushka are not in touch, but they'll say 'hello' if they bump into each other. However, Ranveer may not be cordial with Virat, he doesn't approve of Virat's closeness with Anushka."

5.Deepika Padukone's fans harass food blogger
A popular food blogger recently discovered the consequences of criticising a Bollywood star on Twitter. The blogger had criticised actor Deepika Padukone in a tweet for bringing her male security guards into a ladies restroom at a five-star hotel in Mumbai. The blogger was trolled and subjected to verbal abuse by Deepika's fans, which forced her to take the post down.