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Angry Ranveer slams tabloid for story on his depression..

Ranveer Singh


Ranveer Singh is calling out to the media for practising "irresponsible journalism" and spinning a "fairy tale" around his depression.

The Kill Dil actor took to Facebook and criticized a Mumbai tabloid on Tuesday for publishing what he called an "appallingly unethical", "ludicrous" and "deplorable" story.

The story in a tabloid suggested that actor Deepika Padukone, who recently opened up about having experienced depression, was apparently not the only one in low spirits. Her love interest, actor Ranveer Singh, too, was very depressed during the same period.

"That was uncool, uncalled for and an outright disrespectful imposition... It was shamelessly aligned with another person’s conflict and both these unrelated stories were made to connect for a sensational effect," Singh, 29, wrote on his Facebook page about the story.

In the scathing Facebook post, Singh also added, "Obviously, the journo didn't bother to check the veracity of this 'news' with me or any one of my representatives. Appallingly unethical!"