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Rani welcomes tax waiver for her film in Madhya Pradesh..

Rani Mukerji


New Delhi, Aug. 28 -- Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, has declared that Rani Mukerji's latest release, which deals with human trafficking, will run tax-free in the state.

He made the announcement on August 24 via a social networking website, after seeing the film with his family. The post stated that the decision was taken "considering the bold social message" conveyed by the film. It was implemented on August 25.

Delighted by the news, Rani feels it may encourage other states to follow suit. She says, "Human trafficking is the (worst) evil that needs to be eliminated from our society. I hold Mr Chouhan in high regard as his support, given his standing, showcases the message of the film in the right light. I want to thank him as his decision will only encourage more states to do the same and will help empower more films with a socially relevant issue gain national focus." Rani adds, "He understands the critical need for this movie to be seen by every woman and girl. I'm grateful that my work has aided this awareness."