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Rani: For these five days, no one's allowed to be on a diet'

Rani Mukerji


Mumbai, Aug. 29 -- In April this year, Rani Mukerji tied the knot with film-maker and long-time beau Aditya Chopra. Naturally, this time around, it's a special Ganesh Chaturthi for them both.

But without breaking tradition, the actor, like every year before this, will be celebrating it at her maternal house in Juhu. Here, she talks about the festival, and why this is a special time for her.

This is the first Ganesh Chaturthi for you after your wedding. Does that make it special?

Yes, it's special, because a special film of mine has come during Ganesh Chaturthi... And it's proved to be a blessing with the kind of reaction and adulation we've been getting for the movie. Also, I'm usually very hands on [with the preparation for the festival], but this time, my whole attention was devoted towards the film. We do the five-day Ganpati, and from morning to evening, it's like an open house where people just drop by. My Ganpati is like a raja; he's the king in my house and we all are at his service. It feels good because Ganpatiji loves to eat, and that's what I do in the house. We also lay out a lot of delicacies for people to enjoy. So, for these five days, neither I nor any of my guests are allowed to be on a diet.

Will Aditya take time off for these five days?

His worship has always been work. And I think Ganpati absolutely endorses that. If you believe that your worship is your work, then one shouldn't come in the way of that.

Any particular wish that you're making this time?

I'll just tell Ganpati to heal the pain the unfortunate youngsters go through after they're abducted and thrown into prostitution. A lot of people think that prostitution is something girls do out of choice. It's not like that. When kids aged five, six and seven are abducted and forced into this, we cannot explain their pain.

People from the industry have supported you after you voiced your opinion against the Censor Board gave Mardaani an A-certificate.

It feels good. Only when you make children aware of the reality is when they will be completely aware of their surroundings.