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Rani Mukerji: 'I'm all set to produce films.. and kids!'

Rani Mukerji


New Delhi, Aug. 26 -- The Chopra bahu is all glowing with the power and excitement that comes with officially being family to India's foremost film production house. With her just released Mardaani getting good reviews, Rani Mukerji takes on questions about films, marriage and having kids, with equal aplomb.

Do you get amused, irritated or does it not make a difference when people keep speculating about your pregnancy?

But that is fabulous, they should. I mean shaadi shuda aurat bachcha nahi karegi toh woh kya sochenge? I mean shaadi karte hai bachchon ke liye, toh agar bachche nai karne toh shaadi kyun karte? (laughs) ... I am married now, and I have other responsibilities as well. But I am hoping to be like the other married women who handle their professional life and their house life very well, so I will maintain a balance. Ek side pe bachcha bhi produce karoongi and ek side pe films bhi karoongi.

How much of film talk happens between you and Adi (husband, producer Aditya Chopra)?

I think we both are from the film industry so it is normal for us to talk about films. It will be abnormal if we don't talk about films ... and he would tell me 'jao ghar pe roti banao'. We talk about films, we talk about other things as well. We have a good and comfortable relationship where he respects my job and I respect his. I think it's a good match because I don't think I would have been able to marry anyone at this stage of my life ... since I got married at 36 ... and it was important for me to respect the man a lot. Adi has this quality about him. I have done so many films with him, and never heard him say negative things about anyone in the industry. We are a part of the industry where people bitch all the time. So I respect that about him. He is a wonderful human being.

Mardaani has been given an A certificate. Your thoughts?

In our country we have censor certificates which are above and below 18. Unfortunately, because my film creates awareness for women, it is a film that 12-year-olds and 15-year-olds should watch. Fortunately in the UK, they have a censorship and a certificate for 12+... so they will be able to see. In India, we still don't have censorship certificates which aim at the right ages. It is a below-18 and above-18 syndrome. I am sure that parents with daughters will take this message to them. I am sure that the lovely youth who get a chance to see the film, will take it forward. I have seen this happening. In Meerut, a girl took charge and actually beat up these fellows. So she is being called a 'Mardaani' herself. So I am sure that there will be more cases like that.