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Rani: I've always been an introvert

Rani Mukerji


Mumbai, March 21 -- Rani Mukerji does not believe in flamboyance, and unlike most of her industry colleagues, she has no plans to party on her 37th birthday today (March 21).

Before she set off for a quiet vacation - with husband-filmmaker Aditya Chopra - their first long holiday since tying the knot in April last year - we caught up with the actor on why she is so fiercely protective about her personal life.

"Going to parties or making frequent public appearances... I have never done that, and I don't intend to do that in the future as well. When I am promoting my film, that's the only time I am out there, and the only reason is that as an actor it's my duty, and also something which is a part of my contract," says Rani, who was last seen in Mardani (2014).

The actor insists that even as a kid, she was always an introvert.

She goes on to add, "It's not only from the time I have become an actor. From Even when I was a kid, my mom would always coax me to go out because I liked being at home. It's a part of my personality that I have not been able to change even after becoming an actor. And trust me, even today, going out somewhere for me is like a big headache because I have to really drag myself out to get ready."

While Rani says this is the reason that she has stayed away from social media, she is happy that her husband, too, shares that trait.

"I am married to a person who is very similar to me and probably even a little more private than I am. There is nothing for me to share on social media. I can't share my life there as my husband also doesn't encourage that. So obviously I can't talk about him, and if fans ask me about my life or his, or want to see our pictures, I cannot even disappoint them because that's also a responsibility. You are answerable to all the people who are following you," she says.