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Kajol and I are like any normal cousins: Rani

Rani Mukerji


New Delhi, March 31 -- Are they friends? Do they greet each other in public or do they behave like strangers? Well, a lot is always talked about around the relationship of Rani Mukerji and Kajol - two of Bollywood's leading ladies, who happen to be cousins, too.

The former, however, finds this entire speculation needless, insisting that there isn't really any mystery to unravel as the two are like any other regular cousins.

"I call her Kajol didi. I don't think there is anything to be speculated about our relationship. Things are often blown out of proportion because we come from the same field and we are in the same profession, and of course, we also did a film (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai; 1998) together," says Rani, adding, "There are so many other cousins of mine but obviously people don't talk about how my camaraderie is with them. Thankfully, we both (Kajol and Rani) understand that, so it's all good."

Dismissing any hint of professional or personal rivalry between her and Kajol, Rani says, "For me, she is always going to be my elder sister, because she is my (elder) brother's age. While growing up, she was closer to my brother because they were of the same age group. Tanisha (Kajol's sister) being the younger one is my age, so we were more friendly. As kids, we all are cousins and then we grow up, everybody goes their different way, different professions and they have different lives, so obviously all of us move on, too. People talk about me and Kajol because we happen to be in the same profession and are from the same family ... it's as if we should be hugging and kissing each other all the time. But that's not the case with any set of cousins."

Talking about the bond she shares with Kajol, Rani says that their's is a very normal family life.

"She (Kajol) has a different family now, she has gone her separate way. I have a different set of friends and family. If I meet her now, we will obviously forget what we shared when we were kids. Today, when we meet at a family function or at our family Durga Puja, where we meet once a year at least, I think we are very warm and we share the same vibes, and I respect her the way I did earlier."