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Randeep will be a horse whisperer soon

Randeep Hooda


New Delhi, Nov. 25 -- Actor Randeep Hooda, who owns a polo team, is presently in Abu Dhabi to interact with a horse whisperer, to learn a thing or two about comunicating with horses.

"There are very few horse whisperers in the world. They are the ones who really understand the behaviour of horses. Since they are herd animals, they study how to communicate with them and lead their herd, so that they learn to follow you," says Hooda.

The actor hopes to use the techniques that he picks up, when he returns to India. "I'm hoping I'll learn something, apply it and teach it to other trainers, too. This way, it will really help the partnership between the players and the horses."

Randeep also wants to spread awareness about equestrian sports. He explains, "I want to form local leagues. Eventually, they can go international as well. I want to lend my name to the sport not for the money, but because I love it. I also want to reach out to schools, and I would like to send my horses along with caretakers."