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Randeep Hooda: 'Sports is not opinion-based like movies'

Randeep Hooda


New Delhi, Oct. 11 -- Actor Randeep Hooda, who won seven medals at the National Equestrian Championship in dressage and show-jumping events this year, says sports attract him as it does not entertain opinions. "You either win or lose. Sports is not opinion based like movies," he says.

Despite a hectic schedule, he finds time to ride everyday. He says, "Riding everyday can be tough, but, I feel that it keeps me away from a lot of other things. I get to spend time with myself. That is very hard to get if you are a busy actor."

The actor is eagerly waiting to launch his polo team, which is his attempt to encourage the sport. "I want to bring the zing back into polo. I want to use my popularity quotient for the upliftment of the game. I want people to know that there are many riding clubs in the country which are not at all expensive," he says.

Even though Randeep has grown up in a school which encouraged sports, the actor says he only got back to horse riding once he entered showbiz. "I started riding in school, but left it. I started it only after I became an actor. That is when I had the means to continue the sport," he adds.