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Randeep Hooda to put on weight!

Randeep Hooda

Mumbai, Jan. 4 -- Film-maker Sajid Nadiadwala is excited about his directorial debut, Kick, and he wants to leave no stone unturned to give a perfect look to the film.

That's why he has asked Randeep Hooda, who plays the lead role in the film alongside Salman Khan, to gain some weight to suit his character. While Randeep has lost kilos while shooting for Prawaal Raman's next project, he is now expected to gain around 10 kg in a month.     

Randeep says that he will have to craft a new strategy to meet the target. "It is quite tasking to continuously lose and gain weight. I will have to make changes in my diet and workout regime to do justice to the character," says the actor.    

Apparently, Sajid was unhappy with the lean physique that Randeep currently has. "When Sajid saw me, he realised that I was looking lean and he did not want my character to look like that in his film. I will have to work really hard and put on 10 kg in such less time," says Randeep.     

The film is slated to release in July and it also stars Jacqueline Fernandez.