Randeep Hooda
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Randeep has learnt from his mistakes..


Mumbai, July 11 -- Though Randeep Hooda made an impactful debut with D (2005), his next successful film, Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai, came only five years later in 2010. The actor admits that the long gap, during which he didn't have a lot of work, made him very cynical.

Today, however, Randeep has managed to get rid of a lot of that cynicism. After all, he has been part of several big-ticket films since 2010. "You should confront your cynicism, not push it under the carpet. When I began confronting it, it began reducing. When you start to do well, it starts reducing. But it took time, as I am also my biggest critic," says Randeep.


Unlike many of his contemporaries, the Bollywood actor doesn't have a godfather in the industry. He believes that star kids have a big advantage in the form of career guides, to help them make the right choices.

"I have no career guide. I have my manager, who also needs some career guidance I think (laughs). We thrash it out among ourselves," he says.

Randeep says he has learnt from his own mistakes. "I experimented a lot in the beginning; those films would release after being promoted for just one week. I remember I had no ambition left in me after I did my first film; I played a gangster in it, and that was like a dream for anyone who comes [to Bollywood] from a small place," says the actor, calling his journey "slow and sweet".

Recalling a piece of advice he once received from "good friend" Naseeruddin Shah, he adds, "He once told me, 'Don't plan your career. Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.' And there is one thing I have learnt from that phase of my life - just keep moving on."