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Randeep is happy being single!

Randeep Hooda


New Delhi, Oct. 19 -- Actor Randeep Hooda, who has always had a big female fan following, stresses on the fact that he is single and very happy in his shoes.

Post his February release, Highway, in which he played a kidnapper, Randeep was inundated with a lot of requests from girls on Twitter, asking him to kidnap them. "It was very scary at that time," he jokes, adding, "I am absolutely single as of now." Earlier, the 38-year old actor was rumoured to be in a relationship with actor Neetu Chandra.

The actor has just finished shooting Deepa Mehta's film, where he has been paired with Canadian actor Sarah Allen. "We had an international crew. Deepa Mehta is a real storyteller, I feel she tells the story as it is. Their style of filmmaking is very different in every aspect. It was great interacting with them and I felt rejuvenated," he says.