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Roy: Ranbir takes a cue from Matt Damon..

Ranbir Kapoor


Ranbir Kapoor’s dark and edgy character in Roy has intrigued those who have watched the film’s trailer. Interestingly, we’ve learnt that director Vikramjit Singh gave the actor Matt Damon’s role in Good Will Hunting (1997) as a reference point.

“Yes, it’s true. Till now, Ranbir has had a lover boy image, with boyish charm, so when I briefed him about this role, he was surprised. He asked me, ‘Do you really think it will work?’ and I asked him to just trust me. I’m glad he took it up; I feel it’s going to be his best performance till date,” says Vikramjit.

The director, who happens to be Ranbir’s senior from school, adds that keeping in mind the intense, brooding character, he was given a mature look too. “But, he didn’t say yes to the film only because I’ve known him from before. Actors are a selfish lot, and they want to do the best work they can,” explains Vikramjit.

The director adds that when he took the script to Ranbir, the actor liked it but asked for a few days to make up his mind. He says, “We had over a dozen meetings before everything got finalised. I didn’t get anything on a platter. Ranbir and I were in school together, and then both of us went to the US. Later we got busy with our lives, but we never really lost touch.”