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Ranbir spends Christmas with family instead of Katrina!

Ranbir Kapoor

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

Apparently, the lovers were supposed to celebrate Christmas together in London. Well, we did catch Katrina Kaif in London this morning, but not Ranbir Kapoor!

We’ll tell you why!

It’s a Christmas tradition for the Kapoors to spend the festive season together. This year is no different, and in fact Jr Kapoor’s mommy, Neetu Kapoor, has spoken that this time it is going to be the entire Kapoor parivaar to celebrate Christmas together!

“Christmas is usually at Shashi uncle’s house. Its been like a tradition over the years when Jennifer aunty was alive. So the whole family gets together and they make the most amazing Christmas lunch. All the pudding and the pie’s and turkey. It's really amazing. But what’s more amazing is that the whole family is present. Ridhhima’s husband is coming down so he is going to join us and Ranbir and everybody else will be there,” she says.

Is that her way of snubbing off Katrina? We already know that she isn’t too comfortable with her boy dating Kat.

Well, how much ever Neetu wishes to keep Ranbir away, he will not miss a chance to make her ladylove feel any less important than his family! Just after Christmas, Ranbir will be joining Katrina in London for New Year. How cute!