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Ranbir Kapoor: 'I'm moving out but only temporarily'

Ranbir Kapoor


New Delhi, Aug. 11 -- There's been a lot of speculation about actor Ranbir Kapoor, 31, moving out of his family home, Krishna Raj. Some rumours have it that his father, Rishi Kapoor, doesn't approve of his alleged girlfriend Katrina Kaif 's visits to their house.

Others suggested that the couple has finalised a duplex on Hill Road in Mumbai's Bandra area, for a whopping ' 20 crore. Flummoxed by all the talk, Ranbir says, "So much has been written about it, it has become like a screenplay - that my father fought with me, or that my mother is saying something, and someone is demanding that I go outside. It's so silly."

He clarifies that the Kapoors will be moving out, but only temporarily, while their bungalow gets redone. "I've said it earlier, and I'm not a liar. When the house is ready, we'll all come back together. There's no sense of negativity to the entire process. We're making the same house bigger."

Prod him about why he keeps his distance from the media, and he says, "What do I talk about if there's no film release? What do I say to all that is written about me all the time? That will just be one clarification after the other." He also comments on Kat's open letter to the media last year, after pictures of them holidaying abroad were leaked. He says, "Let bygones be bygones. We're all moving forward in our lives."