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Ranbir Kapoor: I'm giving it my all..


New Delhi, Aug. 16 -- A roller-coaster ride is what actor Ranbir Kapoor's decade in the industry has been like ever since he debuted with Saawariya. 
Now, after more misses than hits at the box office, he's hopeful about his upcoming film, a biopic on actor Sanjay Dutt. Sharing his state of mind, the 34-year-old says he's not looking to do anything special overnight. 
How much do success and failure affect you?
I was never that affected. I've always been detached, but I'm super inspired right now. The kind of work I've done in Jagga Jasoos, this biopic and Ayan's [Mukerji] film is a dream for an actor. I've [had] opportunities where I have to be amazing, otherwise it'll be a loss to the film. I'm giving it my all. I hope that I continue to find scripts and directors. 
As an actor, what excites you?
I hope to have the feeling I've had in the past two years. It's important that [if] you don't get content, the drive is [still] there. You have to grow, have the desire to become a bigger star, to put an idea in your head and chase it. I want to be the best version of myself. I want to be the greatest there is. But it won't come by luck. 
How has it been shoot for Sanjay Dutt biopic?
Amazing. You know when you're inspired playing a part - it may be physically and emotionally challenging, but when you go home and you're exhausted, there is a sense of having achieved something. And, that's very important because you feel that rarely... I'm grateful for this film and am working hard at it. I still have 20 days [of shooting] left. We're now in his 80's phase where Sanju sir was working in Rocky. I hope that people understand this man's life, his soul through my work. 
There are stories that Dutt said 'Ranbir should become a little more macho'...
I haven't read it! Sanju sir has been closely attached to the film. He has come on set and been amazingly supportive. It used to be surreal for me because I'm acting like him. He used to sit in front of the monitor and see some scenes and be so happy. He's like an overgrown child, who gives love to people... I feel like I was born to play this part. He is the only actor whose picture is on my cupboard and to play him is surreal. Getting a physical look right is easy. To get somebody's soul right, the human being right - that's the hard part. I hope I've done a good job.