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Ranbir Kapoor: Do not disturb!

Ranbir Kapoor


Mumbai, Dec. 24 -- While Ranbir Kapoor has the reputation of being incommunicado for the media, the actor, apparently, doesn't like to be disturbed while shooting intense scenes as well. We have been told that Ranbir gets so involved while shooting such scenes that he doesn't like any interruptions.

"Ranbir is a passionate actor, who takes his work seriously. So when he is shooting a scene that requires him to be engrossed, he prefers not to be disturbed. If anyone needs to connect with him, they can reach him mostly during the nights," says an insider.

We have been told that recently, director and Ranbir's childhood friend Vikramjit Singh - who has directed him in his upcoming film, Roy - had a similar experience. "I called Ranbir up (who is in the middle of a shooting schedule of Anurag Basu's next) and told him that I wanted to show him a few rushes of my film. But he told me, 'Come in the night, I am shooting for an intense scene right now'," says Vikramjit.

While Ranbir has a 'do not disturb' rule on the sets, he is also known for staying away from the media most of the time, other than when he is promoting a movie. "If there is no film up for release, what should I talk about? There is always the same talk that keeps happening," he told HT Cafe in an earlier interview.