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Ranbir happy for women makeup artists!

Ranbir Kapoor


New Delhi, Nov. 14 -- Commenting on the Supreme Court ruling that struck down the bar on women working as Bollywood makeup artists, actor Ranbir Kapoor says 'better sense has prevailed'.

"It's a silly conversation actually. Women should be paid equally or more than men as the amount of hard work a woman puts in is not less than a man," he adds.

The Supreme Court on Monday had struck down the provision that prohibited women makeup artists and hairdressers from becoming members of the Mumbaibased Cine Costume and Make-up Artists

MEANWHILE... Association. The actor also congratulates woman makeup artist Charu Khurana, who had challenged the clauses as being discriminatory to women, for ushering in change. "I will congratulate Charu for standing up and being the reason of a change," says the 32-yearold.

After the verdict, Ranbir wants the change to be reflected in other avenues in the glamour industry, too. "I hope the pursuit is followed by other professions. For the film industry, I expect women to invade other male centric parts of the industry like stunt-women," adds Ranbir.