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Ranbir: Bollywood's biopic man!

Ranbir Kapoor


Mumbai, Sept. 1 -- Looks like Ranbir Kapoor has become the go-to star for biopics being made in Bollywood. Recently, the actor had revealed to us that he was "in talks" to play actor Sanjay Dutt in a biopic to be made by Rajkumar Hirani.

Now, the latest news is that he wants to do a film on late actor Amrish Puri (who passed away in 2005). "Ranbir feels his life will make for an interesting story. Biopics also tend to be a little more challenging and he enjoys taking on such roles. Plus, he has always been a fan of Amrishji. But right now, nothing has been confirmed," says an industry insider.

We tried reaching Ranbir, but he remained unavailable for a comment. In the past, reports have also revealed that Ranbir is slated to star in director Anurag Basu's biopic on Kishore Kumar.

Speaking about the project, Anurag had told IANS, "Ranbir and I are certainly doing it... Kishore can't be made in breaks and spurts. It has to be done in one, long stretch." It doesn't stop here. Earlier this year, it was also reported that Ranbir was in talks to play the role of hockey wizard Dhyan Chand in an upcoming biopic that was to be produced by Pooja Shetty. Then, a few years ago, rumours claimed that the actor was going to play the role of mathematician Anand Kumar in another biopic, also to be directed by Anurag.