Ranbir Kapoor
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OMG: When Ranbir totally lost it on the dance floor!

Ranbir Kapoor

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

Ranbir Kapoor has been extremely careful of his image in the media lately! He hates being spoken about, he absolutely hates it when his parents share anything about him on the media, and he has kept himself and his girlfriend Katrina very, very far away from the press and social media!

But what happened to him in Goa, nobody knows! He really partied it up, from dancing on BabyDoll to crawling on the floor to even giving a lapdance to Rajeev Masand.

We told you yesterday that the Bombay Velvet team was in Goa for promotions. It looks like the over-worked, too-much paranoid Jr. RK really needed to loosen up and chill out! And so he did.

What happened in Goa obviously didn’t stay in Goa! It’s all over Instagram, babe!