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Anurag Basu makes Ranbir meet the real life Barfi!


New Delhi, Oct. 20 -- Filmmaker Anurag Basu made a hearing impaired dancer Harsh Dhara meet actor Ranbir Kapoor when the actor came to promote his upcoming film on dance reality show, Super Dancer.

Dhara had given a heartwarming performance during the audition of the show but could not make it to the competing rounds. However, when Kapoor came on the show where Basu is the judge, the latter invited the child dancer to meet the actor, who played a hearing impaired boy in the film Barfi! (2012)

"It was a big moment for Harsh. We went inside Ranbir's van and I kept looking at Harsh to see his reaction. I turned to Ranbir and his face had more shine in his eyes than Harsh. He was looking at Harsh's video with such joy. Ranbir's character in the film Barfi! was similar to Harsh's, a hearing impaired person who is full of life. Ranbir met him and it was a great moment for me," says Basu.

According to a source, the judges were impressed and awed by Dhara's performance. "Dhara's performance left an impact on the judges' mind even after he left the show," a source close to the show says.