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Rana learns martial arts!

Rana Daggubati


Mumbai, Feb. 15 -- An actor undergoing intense training for an action-packed role is not new to Bollywood. While Shah Rukh Khan did it for Happy New Year (2014), Aamir Khan sweated it out during Ghajini (2005).

We've been told that actor Rana Daggubati did just that before starting the shoot of his magnum opus south film, which will also release in Hindi.

The Telugu film being directed by SS Rajamouli and is based on war with a lot of action sequences.

"The lead cast needed to be flexible and quick with the movements, with knowledge on how to use weapons. No body doubles were used during the shoot. Hence, the actor had to be trained well before the shoot commenced," says a source close to the actor.

Apparently, some Vietnamese trainers instructed Rana in mixed martial arts and weapon training for eight hours a day the 30-year-old actor even continued training on the sets later. The trainers also helped him combat injuries.

When contacted, Rana confirmed the news and said, "Peter Hines, the action director of the film, made me train with three specialised fighters from Vietnam for about eight months."

Rana, who was seen along with Akshay Kumar in the film Baby, adds, "The choreography for the action scenes began only after the training, where several new techniques and methods for horse riding, chariot riding and other period film action requirements were taught."