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Why Ram Gopal Varma does not vote

Ram Gopal Verma


On Tuesday, Ram Gopal Varma shared a video promoting the right to vote. On Wednesday, he tweets that he does not cast his vote and justifies it. So, what is his problem? The filmmaker tells Hindustan Times.

On the contradiction of Tuesday's video and the next day's tweets, RGV says, "I shared the video because I liked the creativity in it. It's like admiring an ad when you are not necessarily endorsing the product."

For a filmmaker who has given us sensitive films like The Attacks of 26/11 and Rann, why should he talk about something that sends out a wrong message? Varma says that he is against the system of ignorant voting. "Media talks about votes being bought for alcohol, goodies and cash. Doesn't the attitude presume that people are not capable enough to make an informed decision? Why is there no system to educate people about the candidates and parties? All I know about candidates from my constituencies is through media," says the filmmaker.
Reacting to the fact that the information on candidates available on the internet (myneta.info), RGV says, "Is there an authenticate website where we can get information? A place where we are sure that it is not biased information? I do not know of any such place."

"The government needs to take initiative and reach out to each and every voter to educate on candidates and parties," he adds.