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Ram Gopal Verma returns to Hindi films..

Ram Gopal Verma


Mumbai, Aug. 19 -- Though he is associated with hit films like Rangeela (1995), Satya (1998), and Sarkar (2005), Ram Gopal Varma has not had much success at the box office lately.

After multiple flops, the film-maker took a break from Bollywood post Satya 2 (2013). Now, after a year, RGV is preparing to make a Hindi film.

"I was working on the script for a Hindi film, as I wanted a change from the genres I have been [associated with in the past]. It is done now and the project will go on the floors in mid-September," says the film-maker, who will be directing the movie.

However, nothing has been decided in terms of casting as yet. There were rumours that producer Ekta Kapoor is showing interest in his upcoming film, but made him wait for three hours for a meeting. He denies it, saying, "I am shooting for a south film, and haven't been to Mumbai in the last 10 months."