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I respect Karan Johar: Ram Gopal Varma

Ram Gopal Verma

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has always found a way to stay in the headlines. He has been vocal about his bad experience of shooting with Sanjay Dutt for Department (2012) and says he isn’t close to the actor. He also claims that his comments on Karan Johar tend to be twisted by the media. Here, he candidly discusses these controversies and more.

You have been vocal about your fallout with Sanjay Dutt. Now that he’s out on parole, will you meet him?
Not really. I haven’t called him and neither do I have plans to meet him. After the experience I had with him while filming Department, I wouldn’t like to meet him. He is not close to me.

Your war of words with Karan Johar on a social networking site has always made headlines. Many say that you do it for publicity. How true is it?
I’m tired of this controversy. I never intended to make a negative impact. The media always twists the words. I really respect him. Also, I won’t react to Karan’s statements as it’s a question of how he was asked or in what context was he asked.

Jiah Khan’s mother, Rabbiya, has presented pictures to further the investigation in her suicide case. What’s your take on it?
The point is what the family is feeling, including the mother. They’d know best as they are a part of the probe. I don’t know the context of the investigation. We have the judiciary and police to understand that. I’m an outsider. Whatever I know about the case is from the media.

The promos of Satya 2 have not created as much buzz as expected. Do you agree?
It’s difficult for me to know if people are interested in the film or not. People will obviously say good things to me. It’s impossible to make a general assessment.

Are you sceptical about the comparisons that will be made with the original?
Many of my films have been criticised even when they were not sequels. But yes, there’ll be immediate comparisons. So, the advantage is that it draws attention and people already know the genre and the subject.

Over the past few years, critics have bashed almost all your films. Does it bother you?
I don’t believe that anyone tries to bring a person down deliberately. That could be partly because of the kind of films I’ve made in the past, the expectations from me, the kind of attitude I have and the subject matter I choose. I’ll never think about what others have seen or how they’ve reacted. I’ve been in the industry for too long to get bothered.