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Finally, Rakhi to contest polls!

Rakhi Sawant

Mumbai, March 27 -- Till very recently, Rakhi Sawant sang praises of the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) and its Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi.

But in a volte face, she has now announced she will be contesting the upcoming elections from Mumbai's North-West constituency, but not on a BJP ticket.    "I never said I would be joining the BJP," says Rakhi, adding, "People kept insinuating and jumping to conclusions."

Is she contesting as an independent candidate then? "No. But right now, I can't reveal much about my party. All I can say is that contesting in the upcoming polls from North-West Mumbai. I didn't want to stand for elections, but people have forced me to do so. The poor people who keep approaching me for help want me to do something for their upliftment."    

As an aspiring public servant, Rakhi says she wants to address many civic problems. "Sanitation is a huge issue. People not only have to pay for it but also use loos without doors. People in the middle-income bracket aren't very happy either. Many buildings are made on swampland without permission. When they come crashing, the government doesn't suffer, but the common man does," she says.

If she comes to power, she will also do her bit for the police force, she says: "Cops work hard night and day, but I feel people misunderstand them," adds Rakhi.