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Rakeysh Mehra: Choices made in college define you!

Rakeysh Mehra


New Delhi, July 3 -- Filmmaker Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra says that the freedom of college life comes with its set of responsibilities.

It is difficult to assimilate memories from my three years in college. It was a very vibrant time for me in SRCC (B.Com honours, batch of 1983). College is the time when you get out of your school uniform and enter a life with more freedom and choices. And with choices comes responsibility. Very soon, one realises that you are responsible for your own choices. The choices you make are what will define you. I think college is a great foundation for the times to come, and is not just a time to party.

Students often have questions about whether to choose a course or opt for a college of their choice, if they aren't getting both together. I feel that you must always go for the course. I have seen a lot of students who have gone for a certain college, but woh teen saal kharab ho jate hain. You must travel the road you want to travel or find a new path for yourself rather than listening to someone telling you, 'yeh aacha hota hai'.

As a friend, all I can say is that college is a cool time in your life. There is so much to imbibe. Colleges in Delhi University are closely knit and there is interaction with students from other colleges. Then there are festivals and cultural exchanges, where you get to meet people from all over the country. You get a chance to travel. I won't call these distractions. I would say cultural experiences are more important than just academics. This will take you further in life.

This does not mean that if you get into co-curricular activities, you should stop studying. But going only with one and not the other, is not such a good idea. There needs to be a balanced approach.