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Rajneesh Duggal: Intimate scenes are not easy on the spouses..

Rajneesh Duggal


New Delhi, March 9 -- His steamy scenes with actor Sunny Leone have been creating quite a stir, but Rajneesh Duggal says it's not easy for an actor's spouse to deal with it.

Rajneesh, however, is a lucky guy, as his wife, Pallavi, is very supportive of him. "Pallavi understands that all this is an act and that there are so many people on the set," he says.

The 33-year-old, who has been a part of films such as 1920 (2008) and Dangerous Ishq (2012), says that the toughest thing about being an actor is the way you are judged by everyone around you. "Even if you don't want it, the minute you step out of your house, your every move will be judged. It's very important to keep your calm," says Rajneesh.

Having been a part of the industry since 2008, he feels he has grown a lot over the years. "I feel more evolved (as an actor) than when I started out, as I've played so many different kind of roles," he says.