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Controversial "PK" backed by Bollywood and fans!

Rajkumar Hirani

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

Rajkumar Hirani’s “PK”, which has sparked extreme reactions, is being sternly supported by many, many!

While posters are being torn and screenings are being halted by angry “religious” people, we have die-hard supporters of the film and its makers, which include fans as well as Bollywood stars, who are standing up for the film!

While we already know the statements that the protestors are giving, it’s important to know how the other side of India, perhaps the younger and more practical side who knows how to take things with a pinch of salt, feels.

Here are some direct quotes of this side of India, which gives us some hope that there is some hope for the country!

“It is unfortunate that people are staging protests. The scenes and dialogues are not against god. As a Hindu myself, I didn’t find anything insulting. My sentiments were not hurt. We have seen how godmen work in India. Most are corrupt. The movie is asking people to stay away from such people, and that’s fine with me,” shares a fan called Ayonav Bagchi, 33.
“It is not targeting anyone. It is not against any religion. I don’t understand why people are taking offence,” feels a mature Ragini Jha at the age of 23. She even watched it twice!
“What could have been a better way to portray the intoxication of Indian society doped in religious superstitions? The protest was expected from a society which remains confined in the interpretations made by Pandits and Maulvis and has lost scientific temper,” says Md. Anzaar Aslam, 28.

“I found this film brilliant. It raises a fundamental debate on the true nature of any religion and their concept of god, the creator… The questions are very profound. The whole controversy is … by those who feel threatened,” Arya Samaj leader Swami Agnivesh slams it right back! He also demanded that the movie be made tax free.

Bollywood celebs are no less in support!

Says KJo: ”What kind of a democracy are we living in?”

Pooja Bedi tweets: “God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts! Let’s support PK.”

Uday Chopra agrees: “What a wonderful film! I am bowled over. It is the most important film that every Indian should see.”

Ritesh Sidhwani speaks up too: “PK is a must watch. I am a believer and nowhere does it hurt our sentiments or question religion.”

It’s wonderful to see new India and Bollywood come together for a cause, and yes, we do believe this film is a cause because it spreads an extremely important message which is crucial for the betterment of India!

Rajkumar Hirani has been quite upset about this turmoil. He says: “I’m deeply saddened and concerned about the protests by some groups against our film. On behalf of the entire team of “PK”, I would like to clarify we respect all religions and faiths. It saddens me to think that a film … is accused of being disrespectful of Hinduism. I would like to thank the millions of deeply religious people who have loved the film (which) condemns only the abuse of (religion).”

Hopefully, this will not affect Raju’s spirit and his film-making!