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Rajat Kapoor professes love for Delhi!

Rajat Kapoor


New Delhi, Feb. 22 -- Look who we spotted at an eatery in Janpath a few days back! Actor-filmamker Rajat Kapoor was in Delhi, devouring good food over lunch. Jaunting about on the streets in the heart of the Capital, the actor was taking a breather before leaving for an allnight shoot of a crowdfunded movie, that is being shot in the city.

Kapoor said the last one month has been very hectic because of his work here and in Mumbai, but he is not complaining. "I like coming to Delhi, especially during the winter. I was born and brought up here. The city has been through so many changes in the last 20 years that it is surprising," he said.

On being asked how he likes to spend his evenings when he is here, Kapoor said he likes to play it by ear. "I meet some of my friends, both old and new, but mostly I come to Delhi for work now. So, my time here is very structured. Also, I don't drink, so living it up through the night is mostly out of the picture," he added.