Rajat Kapoor
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Rajat Kapoor keeps it real!

Rajat Kapoor

Mumbai, Jan. 29 -- National Award-winner Rajat Kapoor, who has made films like Mithya (2008), Nothing Like Lear (2011), Fatso (2012) among others, is once again donning the director's hat, and acting in, an upcoming film, Ankhon Dekhi.

Known for churning out low-budget movies with quirky stories, Rajat went a step further in cutting corners for this project. He decided to do away with hair and make-up personnel and vanity vans for all the actors of this film.    

Rajat says, "It is terrible what actors do to their faces with make-up - hide their beauty. We decided that we did not want any make-up for this film - and that was made clear to all the actors when they came to audition. Some actors, did not agree to the clause, so we had to let them go."    

Besides saving money, having a no-frills set-up brought other benefits too. "It brought a sense of reality to the film, which was very crucial for us. It also gave a certain freedom to the actors. And it saved a lot of time, which was great for the shoot," says Kapur.