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I'm heroine of Phobia, not hero: Radhika Apte


Radhika Apte believes that industry is changing and no more it remains a ’hero centric’ region.

However, she refuses to be called a hero and proudly says that she ‘is not a hero, but a heroine.’

While talking about her upcoming psychological thriller film Phobia, Radhika said, “Definitely not hero of the film, but I am a heroine of the film. A heroine can be equally strong, but as far as playing the central part and being the only character in the film is concerned, it was not hard. I love working and if you give me work every day in every film, I would absolutely do it.”

Radhika plays an agoraphobic and feels that panic attacks have neurological and biological reasons to it, adding that they should be addressed with proper treatment.

Talking about the research work she’s done for the flick, the Maanjhi actor said, “The film is based on very sensitive subject. I needed to do it properly. You just can’t go out and enact some dramatic panic attacks. It would have been really unfair.”

She added, “We did research, read a lot about it, met psychologists, doctors and patients, and saw much footage of panic attacks. In fact, we read each page of the script to know the right way of treating each scene.”

Phobia is directed by Pavan Kirpalani, and is slated to release on May 27.