A. R. Rahman
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Irshad Kamil comes to Rahman's rescue!

A. R. Rahman

Mumbai, Feb. 6 -- A R Rahman has lent his voice to several songs in the past, but the composer tried his hand at singing in Punjabi for the first time in a song for Imitiaz Ali's next, Highway.    

Apparently, it was Imtiaz's idea to get Rahman to sing his composed tune, 'Patakha guddi'. But there was only one catch - Rahman's poor Punjabi diction.    

Kamil says, "Imtiaz strongly felt that the song must be recorded in Rahman sir's voice to make it more gratifying in its high notes. I couldn't agree more. The only hitch was his Punjabi diction, but we soon came up with a solution. I read out the entire song in Punjabi and sent the voice memo to Rahman sir."    

Besides keeping in touch on the phone, Kamil and Rahman also met a few times to practise the latter's pronunciation. "Patakha guddi' was a long piece. We spent quite a few days working on it. The result is for all of us to see," adds the lyricist.    

Rahman confirms the news, saying, "I did sing the song in Punjabi. Irshad was present when I was singing and certain things were corrected."