A. R. Rahman
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I would like to perform in Kashmir: A R Rahman

A. R. Rahman

Despite the controversy over music conductor Zubin Mehta’s concert in Kashmir, Oscar-winning musician, composer and singer AR Rahman says Kashmir is a beautiful place and he would perform there, but only if the Kashmiris want him to.

“The Zubin Mehta concert was good. Something different from all the usual negative news, failed peace talks...,” he says. “I’ve been to Kashmir, it’s a beautiful place, the people are wonderful. I would perform there if an opportunity arose but only if the Kashmiri people want me to, not at the cost of controversy,” he adds.

From Indian classical to western classical to folk and pop, Rahman is known to have mastered different styles of music. Asked how, he says, “When you respect a form of music, you want to go deeper into it, learn about it.” He adds, “We should respect the form as it is; we can experiment but not mess with it.”

When the maestro is faced with the question on many having opposed music reality shows in view of the pressure on participants, Rahman says he doesn’t agree. “Life is all about pressure,” he says with a smile, adding at the same time that he is not, however, looking to judge such a show. “I look for more than talent, the performance should move me,” says the 47-year-old.