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Purab Kohli: I am a very curious person when it comes to music


Actor Purab Kohli’s love for music is well known, but not many fans know that while shooting for his upcoming film, the sequel to Rock On!!, he also learned to play the mouth organ.

The actor, who will be sharing screen space for the film with actors such as Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal and Shraddha Kapoor, saw his co-star Shashank Arora playing the instrument effortlessly and decided to learn it from him.

“I am a very curious person when it comes to music. So, when I saw Shashank playing mouth organ, I knew I wanted to learn it. We spent time practicing different tunes and I finally mastered the art of playing a mouth organ,” says Kohli.

“That is the best part of being an actor that you get to learn new things. Doing this film and engaging in constant jam sessions with my co-stars has brought me close to music,” adds the 37-year-old actor.