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Priyanka's too busy to find someone: Parineeti

Priyanka Chopra


Mumbai, Sept. 10 -- In 2011, Parineeti Chopra had just made her acting debut with Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl when rumours of a link-up with the film's director, Maneesh Sharma, started doing the rounds. Back then, she chose not to keep mum about it and denied the news vehemently. Even today, the actor doesn't shy away from talking about her relationship status.

"Our (actors') lives are not as colourful as they seem to be. I'm dying to make mine colourful, but nobody is coming [to me] with the right colours," she says, jokingly. Tell her that, earlier, her cousin, Priyanka Chopra, had made a similar statement in an interview to us, and she says, "Priyanka is too busy to have found someone. As for me, I just haven't. I don't know what it is. I think I need to go looking with a torch."

While Priyanka has already made her mark as a singer with her hit singles, Parineeti says she, too, is interested in singing. On the subject of playback singing, she says, "I consider it all the time. It's just that I have to wait for the right opportunity. There are lots of people who say, 'Why don't you sing [for us]?'. But I don't want to do it just for the sake of it, because I really love singing. I respect singing."

Parineeti insists that the moment she finds something that's worth the effort, she will take up singing. "I want to do it for a good song or album. I just haven't got that offer yet. The day I get it, believe me, I will accept it," she says.