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Priyanka's mayday call!

Priyanka Chopra


Mumbai, Jan. 10 -- Priyanka Chopra had to deal with some mid-sea drama in Maldives recently. The actor had been invited to the island nation by the Maldives Government as a special guest at the International Music Festival, which marks the country's 50 years of independence. But little was she expecting her stay to start on, literally, a 'rocky' note.

Post her arrival at the Maldives airport, Priyanka was being taken to her hotel on a speed boat, when the boat hit some coral reef. Apart from the actor's make-up artist, stylist and bodyguard, her mother, Madhu Chopra, and brother, Siddharth Chopra, were also accompanying her.

"At first, no one could figure out why the boat had come to a halt, but then they realised it was the coral reef. Since Priyanka's family was with her, she was slightly stressed about the situation, but she did not panic and remained calm," says a source.

After about an hour of being stranded at sea, the rescue team arrived, and helped everyone get out of the speed boat and reach the hotel safe.

Priyanka even posted a message about the incident on Twitter calling it an "adventure". She wrote, "Our boat just hit a huge coral reef ! Sitting and waiting for the Coast guard!! Maldives-Adventure yikes!! #Chaos !! (sic)"

Our source reveals that later that night, after making her appearance at the music festival, Priyanka and her team went for a midnight dive to check out the coral reef.