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Priyanka Chopra


Mumbai, July 2 -- On June 28, a report claimed that Priyanka Chopra was injured while performing an aerial stunt as part of a shoot for a brand she endorses. The report also said that the actor was stuck in mid-air for over 30 minutes due to the mishap.

But when we tried contacting Priyanka to ask her what really happened, her spokesperson denied the news altogether, saying, "The report is false, and the picture floating online is an old one."

Although the actor could not be reached for a comment, a source close to her informed that "Priyanka only returned to Mumbai on June 27, and she had no brand shoots scheduled in that time."     

"She was occupied with a biopic she is working on, and she was never injured at any point. She was in the city only for three days, and then she had to return to Turkey to shoot for Zoya Akhtar's film," says the source.

The photograph published in the report shows Priyanka wearing a harness, but the source clarifies that "the picture is unrelated, and is actually a still from an older reality TV show that she had hosted".