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Priyanka talks about her sex scenes in Quantico..

Priyanka Chopra

By Tulsi, News Network

For those of you who’ve seen the trailer (and we sincerely hope all of you have) you will definitely notice the very, very steamy sex scenes that Priyanka has!

She plays a bold girl with nothing to hide – not even her colleague who she has sex with on the very first meeting!

Her intense sex scene may have blown away many of Indian audiences. But Priyanka has got an answer, so you better hear it!

“My character has no inhibitions to men and men don’t matter to her. I didn’t have to do anything. Indians films today show a lot more than what I have done in it. “

Ummm… We’re not sure about that, but yes, we think it was done very tastefully! And of course, her confidence is something we have always loved…