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Priyanka in a global sing-along!

Priyanka Chopra


Mumbai, Nov. 21 -- Priyanka Chopra is part of yet another international music video, but this time to support a cause. The singer actor is the only Indian to be seen in a just-released special video shot by UNICEF.

She is seen singing John Lennon's iconic song, 'Imagine', along with famous musicians like Katy Perry,, Angelique Kidjo, Daniela Mercury and Idris Elba. The video was released yesterday (November 20) to mark the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and was created to spread awareness about children's rights.

"It's an amazing cause, and as a musician, too, it was amazing for me to be singing 'Imagine' and being in the video with celebrities who believe in the cause of the girl child," says Priyanka, who has been one of UNICEF's goodwill ambassadors for over five years. She adds, "I was really excited about singing such a classic song; an artiste rarely gets such a chance, so I was very happy."

Apparently Lennon and wife Yoko Ono are also seen in a video clip they had made for the song in 1971. An app named after the track is also available for download, wherein one can record their own version of 'Imagine' and post it on social media. French DJ David Guetta is also creating a remix of the song, which will reportedly utilise the celebrity as well as user recordings. In all probability, it will be released on the UNICEF website in