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Priyanka Chopra: 'Want to sing for others'

Priyanka Chopra


Mumbai, Sept. 2 -- Besides taking up versatile roles as an actor, Priyanka Chopra has also utilised her singing skills.

After releasing three singles so far - all of them international collaborations - Priyanka has made her Bollywood playback debut in her upcoming film, where she's sung a lullaby.

When asked if she wants to sing for other actresses as well, Priyanka says, "That will be challenging. It will be really cool if someone offers me to sing for another actress."

So, which actress would she like to sing for? "The problem is, my voice is so unique that it doesn't suit any other actress. But, [given a chance] I can modulate my voice to make it suit others," says the actor.

Reminiscing the days when she started her acting career in Bollywood and how people confused her voice with singer Alisha Chinai, she says, "When I started off as an actor, there were very few singers who could playback for me. Alisha [Chinai] was among the few who could sing for me. So much so that people thought 'Tinka tinka' from Karam (2005) was sung by me."