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Priyanka Chopra upset over ex’s plan to make a film on her

Priyanka Chopra

Actor-turned-filmmaker Aseem Merchant, who allegedly dated Priyanka Chopra during her modelling days, is reportedly planning to direct a film on her life. And, the news has not gone down well for the former beauty queen.

The film will reportedly chronicle her modelling days, and also her infamous fallout with her ex-manager Prakash Jaju.

“I am doing a biopic on Mary Kom’s life. She sat with me on every scene and told me about the emotions she felt while going through everything. It would be extremely flattering for me if someone makes a biopic on my life,” Priyanka said, adding: “But this particular situation makes me very angry because I know as a woman what I, my father and my family went through.”

The 31-year-old actor added, “What upsets me is that people who are going to make this film, are going to glorify a part which was painful for me as a girl. I think it is extremely disturbing and I am very disappointed in the people who are glorifying it.”

Jaju had claimed that Priyanka owed him a huge amount of money. The actor’s late father Ashok Chopra had then filed a police complaint against Jaju, citing false accusations and threatening the family members. Jaju was later arrested in 2008, and spent over two months behind bars.